Setting up email accounts on digital devices

To set up an email account on your phone you will need to know your email service provider. You know this from the bit that follows the @ sign.

So, for example, if your email address is then it is google or gmail that is your service provider. If the address is then your provider is BT internet.

This information will be necessary when your set up the email account on your device. Whatever device there is very similar process for setting up email accounts.

To view your email on your device you will need a mail app. These are pre-installed on your device. But you don’t necessarily need to use the installed mail app, you could decide to use the Gmail App or the Yahoo app. See here for my article on Apps.

So here are some instructions for setting up your email account on your device

Here’s a comprehensive guide from BT internet on setting up an email account with BT on your device

A microsoft guide on setting up different types of email accounts on ipads and iphones

A step by step guide from Samsung showing how to set up email accounts

A guide on how to set up email on a windows phone

A step by step guide on how to set up gmail on an iphone or ipad






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