Changing your device settings

Home Screen

Have a look at the different homes screens of an iphone, an android phone and a windows phone in that order. You can see they are different but similar.

They are all touch screens with applications represented by icons. To play music for example you tap the app with musical notes.

example of iphone, android and windows phone
example of iphone, android and windows phone


App drawer – looking for an app

If you are looking for an application there are different ways to find it. Let’s take the most basic way.

Iphone or ipad

The ipad doesn’t have an app drawer instead all applications are displayed on one of your home screens. Swipe left with your finger initially to get to the next screen and then swipe left or right to scroll through the screens until you find the application you want.


If the application can’t be found on the home screen then you will find an icon which gives you access to all your applications, it is referred to as an app tray or an app drawer. This is usually at the bottom of your device and the icon may look like below.

A typical app drawer on an android device

The icon for the app drawer might also look like this:

all apps

or one of these icons below:



On a windows device you often swipe left from your home screen to access your list of applications as seen in picture below.

swipe left to access your apps

The settings app

An ipad or iphone settings app

iphone/ipad settings icon

An android or windows settings app



Tap to open and to be able to view or change your settings.

Once you have tapped the settings icon you will see the settings screen like the ones below on a Samsung phone, ipad2 and Lenovo tablet

The settings options

ipad notification
Ipad settings screen


Samsung settings screen

samsung settings options


Lenovo settings

lenovo settings app

Lenovo settings screen

Screen timeout


Now we have accessed the settings screen let’s find out how the change the screen timeout time or the amount of time before your device screen goes blank.


On a Samsung phone this is accessed by the “Display and Wallpaper” option. You then see the option “screen timeout”. If you tap this option you can chose the amount of time before your screen goes off.


On an ipad mini you choose autolock from the General option on the settings screen

Lenovo screen timeout

You can set screen timeout by tapping Settings > DEVICE > Display > Sleep.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Select display from your settings options and then select screen timeout from the right hand side.

samsung tab settings

Here is a printable version of this page.

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