Apps I like

When you buy your device you will find pre-installed apps like mail, a web browser, calendar, a photos app.  But there many other free apps that can be very useful.

These are some of the apps I have downloaded from the app store or google play on my apple and android device.

Fitness / Health apps

  • I use Endomondo to track the exercise I do, if I am running it works out my pace and distance run. I also use My fitness pal which also monitors nutrition as well as activity.

Media apps

  • I use ITV player, BBC iplayer, iplayer radio, 4 OD to catch up on programmes.
  • I also have a radio app that allows me to listen to foreign radio stations


  • I have a Kindle app to be able to read my Kindle books on my device as well as on my Kindle.
  • I have the Youtube app to enable me to watch videos without having to open youtube from the web.

Productivity apps

  • I have Dropbox and Evernote which are apps that store your documents,  pictures and videos in the cloud so you can access them from any device.

Social apps

  • I have social media apps

Apps that improve your web experience

  • Once upon a time you could only view websites from a computer. But then people started to look at websites on mobile devices and clearly you will be viewing on a much smaller screen.
  • So some websites you visit using your device will want you to download an app. This is because it is easier to read the information or carry out a task than going to the website itself through your web browser.
  • Banks that offer online banking may offer an app to use instead of the website because you can carry out tasks like check your statement, make transfers and pay bills much more easily.
  • Some online retail sites will offer you an app because it is easier to view their products and purchase them from your device.
  • Some media organisations like the guardian or bbc news will offer you an app so that they are easier to read

Access to your data

  • Often for an app to work (like a picture editor)  that will want to have access to your photos. An app should ask your permission to access the information on your phone. You have to decide if you trust that app with your information.
  • Some of the apps that I use have access to my data but I have consciously allowed this as I feel the risk is not great. But you must reach that decision yourself.

Free apps – Advertising and in app purchases

  • You should bear in mind that if you are being offered something for free the app developers may well want to send you emails to promote their products. They may also display advertising messages on your screen when you are using them.
  • Some apps will have “in app purchases”. That means they will want you to pay to access special features of the app.



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