There are many useful apps which will enable you to get a lot from your phone. Before you can get apps you need to have an account.

Applications are designed for specific operating systems. So you will need to download the app that is designed for your operating system, Apple, Android or Windows.

To get an app, whether free or paid for, you will need an account for your particular operating system.

So for Apple that is the App Store and you need an Apple ID. For an Android device you will need a google account to use Google Play. And for Windows you need a Microsoft account. The icons for these “stores” are as follows.


Microsoft Marketplace


Google Play


Setting an account (you will already have an Apple ID) offers other benefits such as being able to store documents and images on the cloud.  This can be extremely useful if you need to store a lot of information and would like to access it on different devices. So far example you could access the photos on your Ipad on your laptop too.

To fully make use of apps from the apple app store you will need to payment information even for free applications. Here the apple support forum explain how you can remove these details after you have created your account. And it seems to be true of Windows Market place>

Why not try some free apps on your device there are many useful ones. See some of my favourites apps.






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