Device storage

The data you have on your device takes up storage space. By data I mean photos, video, audio, documents and applications,

It’s possible that you will reach the storage capacity of your device.

What is your storage capacity?

Digital data is measured by bytes. Have a look at the list below

  • 1 byte (b)
  • 1 kilobyte (kb) – 1024 bytes
  • 1 megabyte (mb) – 1024 kilobytes
  • 1 gigabyte (gb) – 1024 megabytes
  • 1 terrabyte -(tb) – 1024 gigabytes.

You can find out what your storage capacity is by accessing the storage option of your settings application.

When you buy a device you will notice that the price goes up depending on what storage the device have. For example an ipad air with 16gb is less expensive than an ipad air of 32 gb.

To find out what the storage capacity is on your device follow the instructions below.  Once you have found your storage settings you will be able to see how much you have used and what is being stored.

  • Ipad air – settings -general – storage and icloud usage
  • Samsung galaxy note 4 – settings – storage
  • On a hudl and lenovo it is the same, you access the storage option via your settings app.

Storage size of a photo

Let’s look at an example of the size of a photo taken on a digital device. The size in kb is not the same as the number of pixels in an image. Although they can be related.

The photos I’ve taken on my ipad and samsung phone are all about 2mb. An image I’ve copied from the web however is 82kb. The reason for that is that images on the web need to be smaller due to the time it takes to load the image on a website.

What if I use all my storage capacity?

You have several options, delete some data, buy some more storage, make use of free storage that you will find on sites like onedrive,flickr, google account, dropbox and others or if your device allows buy an SD card.

Here are some instructions on deleting data from your device

Ipad icloud storage

On an ipad you are given icloud storage up to 5 gb free storage. This means the data you hold on your device is also available online and therefore can be accessed on any device. Warning deleting data from your device will also delete from your icloud storage.

Turning on icloud will also mean you can use the find my iphone feature.

Android device storage

On an android device you need to set up your device to sync with your google account to make use of the free storage you get for your photos, emails, contacts and documents.

Your phone may also be backed up on the devices back-up service. For example a samsung device backs up to your Samsung account.

Here are some instructions on how to store data on a cloud service on an android device

Storing and synching

There is an important difference, if you synch your data then what is on your device is what is stored on the cloud. This is useful for accessing data and having a back-up but not if you want to free up storage space.

There are plenty of free cloud services up to a certain storage limit. You can download the applications from your “store”. Please be careful you are storing and not synching your data, if not data you delete from your cloud storage will also be deleted from your device.

Read more about these here:

And here is a good article reviewing cloud storage


If you get “free” storage you will need to see how private your data is. Don’t forget some cloud storage will be using your data for advertising purposes.

In addition you may find that some services don’t encrypt your data and so it is easier to “hack” Read the terms and conditions

If you are looking for secure cloud storage there are services available or you may need to pay for specific cloud services.

Deleting data

If you have lots and lots of photos you could just delete the ones you don’t want. This can be quite time consuming as you may have to tick each photo you want to delete.

To delete your photos open your photos app.

On google photos select the 3 dot icon at the top right of your screen. Then you will see the select option. On most devices you will see a 3 dot menu on the top right of your screen when in your photos app. Once you have selected this you will be able to tap on each photo and a tick will appear on it.  You will then see a trash bin icon on your screen. This could be at the top left or right, or bottom left or right of your screen.

Ipad or iphone

  1. Open the Photos app, then tap Photos at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap Select, and choose one or more photos or videos that you want to delete.
  3. Tap Trash icon, and then tap Delete Photo.















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